Friday, October 4, 2013

Odd Nauseam

So for my first report on my journey down the road of web comics will be on the comic Odd Nauseam. The author for Odd Nauseam is the 25 year old native of Florida called, Lazdo.These author is a none professional drawer going to college as a law student somewhere in Atlanta, Georgia.

This comic is set in a post zombie Apocalypse and tells the story of one zombie girl, Greyjaw and her friend the jackalope called Joy. For the most part it is a story full of a few slap-stick humor scenes and adventures that these two get into and the out-of-this-world people they get involved with. So far they have meet with a hoard of mutated/zombiefied wolfs that look like dragons. A weird bug like lizard and a par of humanoid gorilla twins.

This story seems like a strange and off beat story but it tells cute stories with good meanings behind them. The artwork is also VERY good considering its and amateur's work. True the zombie main character is particularly ugly but that's the way she is meant to be.